About Nahj

Our Story

Story of Nahj

Nahj is a Jordanian non-profit organization established in 2012 dedicated to youth empowerment and the generation of learning about the development process.

At Nahj we believe in the capacity of young people to be the spearheads of positive social change in their communities. Nahj has developed a set of activities and training programs for youth to become “promoters of community well-being”.

Nahj views development as a process, the main protagonists of which are the people themselves, and considers the essence of development to be capacity building and the generation of knowledge through the cycle of action, reflection and learning, within the context of continuous consultation with all protagonists.

Our Vision

To be a driving force in building a prosperous Jordanian society through the empowerment of individuals, institutions and communities to become protagonists of their own development.

Our Mission

Building the capacity of youth to become promoters of community well-being through training and practice

Generating knowledge about the development process at the grassroots

Participating in the discourse on development in Jordan and world-wide

Guiding Principles

Our efforts are guided by the conviction that every individual has the potential and responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society. Our approach is inclusive and rejects any kind of discrimination based on gender, class or any other kind of prejudice.

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