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Beit Ides

Beit Ides is a village with an estimated 8500 inhabitants, 90 km north of Amman in the heart of Birqish forests, where we have been working since January 2015. Nahj have trained around 95 male and female youth as “promoters of community well-being” and helped them to start youth groups, including around 300 young youth who are advancing through the program. Youth participants are learning through the program how to build unity, strive for excellence and are empowered to have a positive sense of purpose: the program motivates them to render selfless service to their community. The youth have carried out more than 100 service projects, including planting trees, cleaning the forest of Birqish, cleaning the schools and mosques of the village, painting schools, awareness campaigns, and tutoring younger school children, positively affecting the lives of the people of the entire village. The program is run in close collaboration with a local CBO: Al Sanabel Al Thahabieh. The program is now expanding to the nearby villages as they witnessed the positive impact of it in Beit Ides.

Baqaa Refugee Camp

Baqaa is a Palestinian refugee camp just outside of Amman, with a population of around 130’000. The first training of “promoters of community well-being” took place in January 2017 in collaboration with the local organization “Sultan Al Takaful”, after which the first youth groups were formed in Baqaa. The program has expanded since then. A total of 71 promoters have been trained and worked with hundreds of young youth. Currently more than 100 youth are part of youth groups that meet regularly and carry out various activities and service projects.  Nahj works in close collaboration with the following local organizations:

Sultan Al Takaful

Areeha Madinat Al Nakheel

Al Masmieh Al Khairiyeh

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